Telephone Systems

Got an old unreliable phone system? Looking for a telephone supplier local to you in Darlington? Who can help you without mile high call out charges? Chances are you haven’t a clue how long you have had your Phone System and it may no longer be supported. The next time you turn it off and back on again to sort it out, but this time it stays off, it will be beyond resuscitation!! This is often an area that gets overlooked. People have a system installed and forget about it, until it is old and starts to go wrong. The telephone is still the primary means for most businesses to communicate with their customers. 

We will provide you with all your telephony requirements. We can provide both Hosted or onsite options. Our reliable systems will provide you with additional functionality that will cater for all your requirements. We can also remotely connect to your system to provide assistance and any configuration changes you may require. We will also provide your Phone lines and Internet Connection.

We can also review your monthly bills and save you money by switching you over to our managed service. This can include your Mobile phone contracts and Internet connection. 

Placing all your telephony and Internet requirements in one place makes it much easier for you to manage with a single point of contact. Why not let us take care of this for your business?

For more information on how we can save you money on your phone bills and provide you with a modern up to date system please call us on 01325 809933

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