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Need access to your emails and files from home as well as the office? Need to collaborate and share files with colleagues? Can your existing system offer this without the need for a complicated solution?

If so the ‘Cloud’ could be just what you need.

What is Cloud Computing? Put simply, this is a great technology that offers you much greater flexibility and big savings on traditional IT systems. If you needed Email and storage for your documents, traditionally you would have had to buy an expensive server and software. Then probably a maintenance contract in case it broke down. All of your Software and data can now be kept on a Hosted server. You then simply access this server via you internet connection rather than having a server in your office. All this for a monthly fee. We can provide a number of Hosted solutions, and we are absolutely confident that we can save you money on your current system set up and also increase your productivity. A brief list of just some of the benefits are below.


Access your files and Emails anytime, anywhere.
Increased Security
Reduced Capital Costs.
Lower Software Licensing costs
Increased productivity. Staff can work from anywhere.
Great Disaster Recovery solution.
Reduced Maintenance contract costs
Automated Backups
Lower electricity usage
Increased office floor space
Never again review server hardware
Lower cost per user

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I have known Paul Littleton professionally for many years and had no doubts when I placed my recent instructions to install a Cloud based solution for my business.

Denis Pinnegar - DP Associates

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