Tracked Business Email, Encrypted Email

RMail is for Business email users who send important email to customers or suppliers or required communications to employees. It lets users encrypt messages for data privacy or compliance; track, certify, and prove e-delivery of documents; record recipient sign-off on agreements; and securely transfer large files. RMail runs within Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Online, and Gmail, extending those email programs with one-click security, compliance, and productivity services.

Features and Add-ons

Email encryption
RMail email encryption allows true direct delivery of encrypted message content, right to the recipient’s inbox. There’s no need for recipients to log into a thirdparty website or register for an account to access their encrypted messages. 

Certified e-delivery proof
RMail’s Registered Receipt™ record proves delivery, time of delivery, exact

content, and when it was opened. This helps keep business partners and clients accountable and can prevent or resolve legal disputes on who said what and when.

The e-signature feature provides faster turnaround times on agreements and offers extra convenience for signers and signees. Secure large file transfer The LargeMail™ file transfer feature combines the convenience of emailing file attachments when composing an email with the power of a third-party filetransfer service. Compliance with privacy laws RMail enables you to comply with digital privacy laws and other delivery requirements, with automatic proof of compliance for every email you send


Save money
Reduce costs associated with paper, printing, courier and postal delivery, legal fees, and labour.

Save time
Sending with RMail takes just a couple of seconds. That beats fumbling with a fax machine or driving to the post office.

Peace of mind
With standard email, delivery is uncertain. Your Registered Receipt record proves delivery, time of delivery, and exact content.

Improve communication
Registered Email technology is like eye contact for your email correspondence; it’s much easier to communicate when you know you have your recipient’s attention.

Grow your business
When your business communicates faster, better, and more cost-effectively, you’re able to better grow your business.

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